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My New Adventure

March 11, 2010

I have started a new adventure.  And really, I didn’t think about it too much before taking the plunge.  Last Saturday I bought some new fabric and for the first time in my life (I think) I immediately started working on my new project.  Usually when I buy some little thing I have either A) Gone searching for just the perfect thing to make ____________.  Or it’s B) I find something that is just too cute to go home without and so I pick it up because someday I might turn it into __________________.  So the difference between A and B is that for A I know what I’m going to make.  Like, say a new spring skirt which I have been trying to find the perfect fabric for.  But most of my shopping falls under category B.  I see it, love it, buy it.  Figure out what to do with it later.

But Saturday was different.  I was looking for A.  And I didn’t find anything I liked.  So I got B instead.  Only this time I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!  And on Monday during naptime I started it.  Wow.  It is all just happening so fast.  I’m keeping the details under wraps for a little while, because I am sneaky like that.  But, I will tell you the adventure part.  I have officially begun my first real hand quilting project.

I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to try this now, but I am!  And I am kind of loving it!  Of course, I really wish that the whole thing looked more like this party going on to the left.  So far it’s not looking like that.  Do you see that lady on the center right side who is holding her baby in her lap?  Nothing like that is going on over here.  I am sewing during naptime and after bedtime.  Yesterday I poked that little needle up and down for five hours.  And I made very little progress.  No big quilting party with lively music and a (presumably) large buffet of yummies in the kitchen.  It’s just me all by myself.

This is more of what it looks like over here.  Only she has a pretty cool hat.  And she looks like she knows what she is doing.  And see that quilt she’s working on?  It kind of looks like she’s almost done. (Mine’s not even close to looking started, even though I’ve been sewing for hours and hours.)  And hers will probably turn into a family heirloom and grace the beds of her progeny for ages to come.  Or she’ll sell it to some Amish quilt-hungry rich person and the money will feed her family for a year.  Or something.  Not that I am complaining, because I know that when this is finished, it is going to be something I am proud of.  Heck, I am already proud of it and it’s not even a week old yet!  But it might take me a month to finish, which means that all other naptime projects are going on hold for a while.  I’m off to go stick my fingers until my eyes are  so tired I can’t see anymore.  That kind of makes it sound awful, but I am kind of excited about it!

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  1. March 11, 2010 5:56 pm

    I’m excited to see your progress! Hand quilting is definitely an adventure I’m not yet ready to embark on.

  2. March 11, 2010 9:52 pm

    I have a beautiful baby log-cabin quilt that I hand quilted for my baby #2 (because I was too poor to do it any other way, and I didn’t trust myself on my own machine yet). I love how it looks and I’m going keep it looking nice forever. The sad part is, I think I’ve let the child touch it three times in her life, I’m so afraid of ruining it. Don’t be like me. 🙂


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