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Recovering from the Weekend

March 8, 2010

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Last week our little family went on a mini vacation (for work, kindof) to sunny St. George.  It looked pretty much just like that, but those mountains in the background still had snow on them.  It was beautiful!  Scott had a conference down there to go to, and Creamie and I tagged along for some outlet shopping and catching up with an old friend.  We had a great time minus Creampuff’s very determined new (read terrible) sleep schedule.  You know how they get sometimes, and they just decide that falling asleep two hours later and waking up two hours earlier is just fine by them?  We got home on Friday night, and finally she is back on track.  Thankfully.

We got to do some serious catchup with my friend Rachel, and her little girl Sarah who just turned one.  Creamie and Sarah had a great time playing, and Rachel and I had a great time talking sewing and babies and toys and everything else.

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Saturday morning I went to a baby shower for an old friend at a very cute little cupcake bakery that sells delicious lemon curd cupcakes.  I had one teensy little bite and decided I HAD to have another.  After I ordered my little prize and she had wrapped it up in a cute little cupcake box I discovered that their cupcakes are only $2.40.  EACH!  Gulp Squared. (Gulp at the price, and also gulp and that delicious cupcake was gone.)  I am totally in the wrong business.  If I was getting paid $30 a dozen ($13 for the little mini’s), I could make the best cupcakes in the world!   Ahem.  Moving on…. but still, I’m seriously considering making a grundle of cupcakes in my easy bake oven.

After the shower I went on a little fabric shopping run.  It is heaven to shop for fabric by one’s self.  Creamie is darling and all, but I seem to spend most of my time picking up the bolts she has been carrying around.  Yes, she carries the bolts.  And she has good taste!  I stopped by this store for the first time and it was heaven!  Not only do they have a great selection of very cute stuff, they have fantastic helpful wonderful employees.

Remember this post?  Remember AmySmart and how wonderful and amazing she is?  (I totally remember)  Well, not only did she save the Orange Henna day, she also happens to work at this little store one day a month.  And she just happened to be there for me to run into in real life.  I recognized her almost immediately and I was thrilled to meet her!  We got to chat for a while and gush about fabric and such and it was just a happy happy day.  I bought some new little bits for a new project which I’ll start working on today during naptime.  I hope to have it done, or mostly done, by Friday for Sew&Tell.  I love me a good new project!

[ I totally wish that this was at my house! ]

Now it’s Monday morning and we have almost recovered from the weekend.  I’m ready to get into something else that ends up all over my house and spread across the dining room table!  Also wishing for a wall like this at my house for me to fill up with all these scraps.  It’s pretty, isn’t it!

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  1. March 8, 2010 9:32 pm

    1.) If you ever want to sell a cupcake, let me know. I’ll be first in line to buy one. Preferably not lemon, but hey, if that’s all you have, I’ll take it.
    2.) How in the world does Bemused blog lady get her fabric folded so uniformly. AND, how did she do that all in one day? I spent a couple hours folding and reorganizing my fabric today, but then I became so overwhelmed with inspiration that I just had to sew that very minute. And now there’s fabric all over my guest room floor. With company arriving in about 36 hours to sleep in that room. I hate when I do this.

  2. March 8, 2010 11:38 pm

    IT was so much fun to meet and gush about fabric together in real life!! How awesome was that? Let’s do it again sometime!!


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