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(108) Days of Summer

September 8, 2009

Summer is over.  For me, summer starts at 5:00 the Friday before Memorial Day, and it ends at midnight on Labor Day.  I guess this summer was a good one, I guess.  I mean, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it was awful, but it wasn’t great either.  Actually, I can’t remember a really “great” summer since I was about nine.  They start out great, and then it gets to be July and my allergies flare up.  And then it is August and it is just too hot and it ruins everything.  And then finally after dragging the heat on through the end of September, it finally snows sometime in October, and the balance has been returned to the universe.  Ah winter, how I miss you.  So, to say goodbye to the summer of 2009:

1.drinking lemonade on the back porch  2.picnics in the park  3.creampuff’s 6 new teeth  4.homemade bbq sauce  5.watching the neighbor kids run through the sprinklers 6.june weddings  7.sunday afternoons in the canyon  8.birthday parties  9.banana shakes girls  11.birth  12.death  13.morning walks with the girls (6 miles… I didn’t do this one enough)  14.modbe warehouse sale  15.fantastic girlfriends  16.fresh garden tomatoes  17.dark skinny jeans  18.lazy saturday mornings with the wall street journal  19.picking apricots off my mom’s tree 20.peach cobbler  21.kickball on top of a mountain 22.actually, kickball anywhere almost broken wrist  24.tiny little dresses  25.corn on the cob (is this handshucked?)  26.cold cereal for dinner  27.creamie’s first fireworks  28.panguitch quilt walk  29.stupid freaking hot weather  30.big multicolor polkadots  31.fresh paint  32.going swimming  33.cranking up the ac to pretend it is winter already  34.bbq’s with friends  35.and then staying up late playing games  36.catching up with dear old friends, and having it feel like i just saw them yesterday  36.missing the friends who couldn’t come games  38.playing frisbee  39.brand new crayons  40.and new notebooks  41.chocolate chip cookies  42.well, any kind of cookie really  43.working on my first adult size quilt  44.watching creamie play in the bathtub  45.spending the weekend at the cabin  46.hubby gone to windrivers for scout camp  47.sidewalk chalk  48.girls night’s out  49.yard/garage sales  50.dreaming up new recipes  51.6 year anniversary of first kiss with hubby  52.arrested development, all three seasons, again  53.reunions with friends and family  54.little pink flowers  55.a new to me local bakery  56.fresh produce  57.shiny new magazines  58.dusty old books  59.50% off day at the thrift store  60.afternoons in the library  61.smell of fresh cut grass  62.craft projects spread out all over my house  63.little goats  64.friends moving away friends moving in  66.long evening walks with otis  67.chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream cones  68.digging through my car for enough change to buy #67, again  69.beautiful old houses  70.stupid people that tear down beautiful old houses to build lame strip malls speakers in my car  72.creampuff looking like a little bird as she waits for the next spoonful of applesauce  73.fresh strawberry jam  74.and jalapeno jelly  75.visiting my favorite fabric store  76.cuppiecakes pie  78.sewing machine whirring at midnight  79.a whole stack of new fabric, with no definite plans laid out  80.dreaming of going back to russia, but not to live, just to visit  81.s’mores dates with my sister  83.fresh squeezed orange juice  84.old photo albums  85.a freshly organized pantry  86.or craft closet  87.big viney pumpkin plants  88.swingsets  89.stacks of old national geographic  90.laying in the sun on the grass 91.the smell of summer rain  92.summer allergies  93.peanut butter and honey sandwiches  94.still drinking half a gallon of milk a day popsicles  96.and orange dreamsicles mom’s strawberry pie breeze off the mountains spray paint, it covers up a world of ugly furniture  100.pebble ice  101.listening to really good music  102.starting to think about christmas gifts markets and roadside fruit stands  104.not wearing socks  105.playing the piano for church with 2 minutes notice  106.plans to redecorate the bathrooms  107.dozens of fantastic finds on etsy  108.and still no rocking chair.

panguitch quilt walk
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  1. September 10, 2009 1:18 pm

    I like Summer, but I’m really more of a September fan. Huzzah for cool nights!


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