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Surviving August

August 13, 2012

It’s not really a secret that I love winter and snow and everything cold and frozen.  In that same vein I really don’t love summer.  Scorching heat, swimming pools, and still light at 9 pm are not really good friends of mine.  I much prefer sweaters and blankets and hot soup and warm bread and dark by 6pm so bedtime is easy and at a normal time.  That being said, as I was looking through some of my instagram (@pinksuedeshoe) pics today I realized that at least August so far hasn’t LOOKED all that bad.  Here is some of what I’ve been up to.  In no particular order.

August Happiness

1: I taught a class at my church on repurposing clothing and fabrics.  It was fun! 2: I thrifted a cutie little vintage Japanese ceramic mouse.  And a lot of other stuff, too. HA! 3: Creamie likes to pretend she is a cat/dog sometimes.  She has taken to drinking her milk out of a bowl. 4: I’m really into green smoothies lately.  Like, a lot.  5: My little girl is growing up, she gets more beautiful and hilarious everyday.  And her babydoll is her best friend. 6: Some of my favorite thrifted sheets, in rainbow order, I used these for the class i taught 7: I made the best pizza I’ve ever made a few days ago.  I hope I can recreate it next time. 8: She is currently loving when her daddy throws her up in the air.  She calls it the “flying kid game”. 9: Last week I met up with some old friends for lunch and shopping and cupcakes.  I should do that more often. 10: So, Creamie has really curly hair.  Like, seriously. It’s so cute and I have NO idea what to do with it.

11/12: Last weekend Scott had a work conference a few hours from home.  And since his hotel* and his transportation was already paid for I decided to tag along.  And we left Creamie at home for the first time since she was born, uh, 3.5 years ago. (Thanks family for helping out with her!)  Since the city we were in is not full of beautiful interesting things to do when you are without a car (We were in Scott’s gov’t car and I can’t drive it, so he drove himself over to his meetings ) I brought my sewing machine and a few projects and I stayed in the hotel with Netflix and the minifridge and sewed all day.  It was wonderful, and weird all at the same time.  I made a huge dent in a quilt for Creamie’s bed.  I hope I can get it finished this month.  Scott snagged tickets to Les Miserable one night and it was absolutely wonderful.  And for the second half we even got to sit by each other!  He got the last two tickets for the only night we could go.  And we started out 4 rows apart.  But there was still one empty seat on my row at intermission and thanks to a few neighbors who shuffled around he came and sat by me for the last half. I haven’t seen Les Mis since the summer of 2001 when I saw it on broadway, and I sobbed through the whole thing.  I had to really try hard to not slip into the ugly cry.  Awesome.  No really.  It was.

*Dear Everyone who has ever thought that the government was spending too much on it’s employee travel expenses: The state has a set budget for hotel rooms for it’s employees who travel to conferences and meetings and what not.  Which I get.  People get angry when govt employees are spending tax dollars at super nice hotels.  I get it.  But do you want to know what that state budget for hotel rooms got us?  Free continental breakfast.  We had a nice TV and free wifi.  And a mini fridge (that was cold and clean, thankfully) with a microwave.  The bathroom looked clean.  But.  There were stains and even crusty spots on the bedding.  The couch was gray, I wouldn’t have set my luggage down on it.  The floor looked clean, but after spending all day in the hotel walking between my sewing machine and the iron my feet were black.  BLACK.  And I was wearing my sandals.  The tops of my toenails were stained black from walking on the floor.   The bottoms of my jeans had a black gray smudge where they had brushed the floor all day.  The soles of my feet were BLACK.  It didn’t wash off in the shower.  I had to use a palm sander on my feet when I got home to get rid of all the dirt that I accumulated in 8 hours of walking on carpet.  On day two I wore socks which I threw away at the end of the day.  They were as black as my husbands black suit.  Seriously.  Every hotel room in the city was full and we couldn’t pay to go to a nicer hotel even if we wanted to.  So, next time you see some breaking news article about government officials who are staying in posh/nicer-than-you-think-they-should-be hotels on the public dime… think twice before you criticize.  I’ll never travel with Scott again if we have to stay in the govt budget hotel.  Never.  Ok, Thanks for reading.  I’ll be back tomorrow with something pretty and delicious and… well, I don’t know.  I’ll think of something.
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  1. August 13, 2012 11:09 pm

    I am right there with you on the seasons…I just can’t wait for cooler temps! And your hotel visit sounds like such a nightmare…how awful!!!

  2. Dahn permalink
    August 14, 2012 11:01 pm

    My daughter loves the lead in Les Miserables and says he is a sweetie ta boot. Plus she is roomies with one of the female cast members. Daughter is selling specality drinks aka latte’s at the Adams Theatre. Went to visit her this past weekend and saw Scapin which was a hoot. She couldn’t get into Les Miserables even using her “but I work here” card!

  3. Denise permalink
    August 17, 2012 3:41 pm

    I’m with you on the winter-love!! Summer has overstayed its welcome here, especially since my a/c is acting up!

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