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A Party Sneak Peak

June 23, 2011

I started editing photos tonight, but guess what… I am just too dang tired.  So here is one little sneak peak, and I am going to lay down on the couch in my pink yoga pants and eat a (not pink) banana split with my hubby.

pinkalicious party

And I am really going to try and ignore  the two coolers of melty ice and Otterpops, two plastic totes of pink party gear and a mostly empty 5 gallon jug of now kind of watery pink lemonade.  See you tomorrow.  (Also I have one more tutorial to share, only it didn’t get finished for today.  It is so close to done it is ridiculous.  I think it will take four dots of hot glue.  So maybe tomorrow… and you can pretend that I posted that project right now.  Tada!  One more pink project! Ahem.)

More on my pink hair here, and the tutorial to make my pearl and pink necklace here.

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