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What’s in my [PINK] bag

June 21, 2011

Since today is officially the first day of summer it was high time I traded out my very fallish dark purple leather for something a little more, well pink, frankly.  Most years I carry pink year round, but last fall I found the perfect purple bag at Ross for about 80% off retail and it was big enough that I could tuck my stuff and Creamie’s stuff inside.  And I didn’t have a pink purse that fit those two requirements that still fit in with winter.  Long story, blah blah blah.  It’s summer, and I have a pink canvas summery bag  ( I think I got it at Target a few years ago on clearance.) that fits both my collection of stuff and Creamie’s collection of stuff.  Which means no more carrying a diaper bag too.  Awesome.

what's in my bag

Oh, and Creamie is big into purses.  She has at least half a dozen and takes one with her everywhere we go.  She comes by it honestly.  I take one with me everywhere I go too.  Go figure.

in my summer purse

So here are the details, roughly moving down in each row, left to right: Pink Fossil wallet, from my sister in law a few years ago.  I Love this thing, and even though it doesn’t hold all my credit cards/gas cards/grocerystore cards/library cards/mexican restaurant punch cards/frozen yogurt coupon blah blah blah, I still don’t want to replace it.  Crayons collected from various kids meals at different restaurants, 3 of the 4 in here are yellow.  Why do they give kids yellow crayons!  Pink striped mint tin from Victoria’s Secret, at least 10 years old.  I keep hayfever medicine and tylenol in here. My favorite pen, which is not pink ,and has some random apartments for rent add on the side, but I love how it writes.  iphone with pink shock resistant case.  Full of games to keep Creamie busy in the car so she doesn’t take an unexpected nap and completely ruin my evening by staying awake until 1 in the morning.  Neutrogena Hand Cream.  At the top again: Hand sanitizer and a package of vintage pink ric rac I found at the thrift store for fifty cents a few days ago.  Pink fingernail file, a 1/4 yard of solid pink fabric for a project I’ll post on Thursday, plus I found my favorite earrings and necklace  in the inside zip pocket of this purse.  They’ve been missing for, um, a while.  Pink measuring tape and pink thread I picked up for a different project and a pair of fingernail clippers.  Next column: a hair elastic for me and two for Creamie.  Nothing more annoying than having her lose one of her ponytail elastics and have that random post ponytail hair on one side of her head for the rest of the day. Sunglasses, thrifted, and Scott’s very old Razor phone which Creamie pretend to talk to grandma on in the car.  Or Cinderella, or Captain Hook.  She has a lot of friends.  A cute notebook for keeping lists and ideas, and to let Creamie color in when she gets bored.  Keys and little leather zip pouch for all the rest of the cards that don’t fit in my wallet and any cash/coins I happen to have on me.  Which is not much and not often.  I am not a cash carrying kind of person.  Last column is two pacakges of fruit snacks (those and the hand sanitizer are the only reason I can stop at as many thrift stores as I do.) Emergency diaper and wipes, a half eaten package of smarties, bubbles and kiddie sunscreen.   And that’s the contents of my summertime pink purse.  I’m sure by the end of the week there will be a random assortment of mail, receipts and empty fruit snack wrappers.  There usually is.

what is in this thing

I love the big outside pockets on this purse.  I am forever losing my phone and keys somewhere near the bottom and it drives me crazy.  In my opinon all purses should have one zippered pocket inside (that’s where I keep the little tin of medicine, with the zipper safety pinned shut so she can’t get to them for a few more years at least) and two bigger pockets for keys/chapstick/phone.  I don’t care if they are outside or inside, but it is amazing to me the lack of pocket room on most purses.  Appalling.

in her pink purse

While I was dumping out my purse and making the official transfer from autumn purse to summer purse, Creamie decided that she wanted to play too.  So here is her purse.  Not all this stuff fit in her little purse, she just kept adding things to the pile.  So, she has a bottle for her baby doll, a creepy plastic dog/cat/something toy, a large commemorative/insurance agency advertement coin (her “big money”) an empty package of fruit snacks she destroyed with her little scissors, pink bracelet, a plastic doughnut, the sparkly headband from last year’s Halloween costume, a set of measuring spoons, a neon green spider ring and a pile of coins.  She always has coins in her pockets.  And if you ask her what they are for she tells you it’s to ride the duck.  In the Walmart lobby there is a mechanical big bird toy that she would do anything for.  In her mind it is the best 90 seconds of her life.  And in my mind it is the biggest waste of fifty cents in the world.  But she is constantly hoarding money to ride the duck.  It’s hilarious.

look at my stuff

She was so excited to show me her things.  It was adorable.  Seriously, have you ever seen anyone so excited about a plastic spider ring?

what is in her back pack

She decided to empty out one more of her several bags for me to take pictures of.  I just found this little toddler backpack a few weeks ago and she thinks it is the greatest thing ever.  And today it was holding a mama and baby rubber duck, a tiny green cup from her little kitchen, a jingle bell necklace from Christmas, our old camera, my old pink razor phone, her little green plastic phone and a pair of shoes.  One day I’ll have to empty out all of them and take pictures.  Yesterday she made a train down the hallway of all her stuff.  And there were at least 6 purses/bags/paper sacks all full to overflowing, all lined up and going to the zoo.  According to her.  I seriously can’t make this stuff up.


The standard evolution of photo taking at my house.  There is less than 10 seconds between the far left and the far right photo. Totally fine to total meltdown.  Yeah, she’s definitely two.  She’ll get over it.  Anyway, National Pink Day in on Thursday, and I can’t wait to finally share everything I’ve been working on!  You might not be as excited as I am, but you could totally pretend.  And if weeklong pink parties just aren’t your thing, head over to Amy is the Party.  She is having a blog party all week to celebrate summer.  Yesterday I did a guest post for one of my favorite summer treats.

Lime Pie Cakes. Yep, they are as good as they look!  Go here for the recipe. Oh, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Pink Week!

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  1. June 21, 2011 10:05 am

    Tell Creamie, I love her bag and she has all the important things in it!!! Clarice

  2. June 21, 2011 10:11 am

    I just love it that your two year old has 4 ‘phones’ at her disposal. What a socialite! Great post. Every girl needs a set of measuring spoons in her summer bag, that’s for sure.

  3. June 21, 2011 8:47 pm


    This is a seriously fun post. Loved it! Give Creamie a squish for me . . . I’m tempted to come to the Pink Day Party just for that, but I’m not sure if it will fit in the schedule, or if boys who don’t wear pink are invited.

    xo -E

  4. June 21, 2011 10:24 pm

    Ha, I did a double take when I saw the measuring spoons! I thought “Wow, she’s a hardcore baker if she carries measuring spoons in her purse!!!” Thanks for guest blogging. I can’t wait to make me some lime pie cakes!

  5. Lynda B permalink
    June 22, 2011 1:58 am

    I seriously love your pink canvas bag, its fab. I think it’s so cute the way your little girl carries a handbag, and getting into the habit of carrying just about everything on the planet in said bag too. Great post, looking forward to the rest of the week.

  6. June 22, 2011 4:17 am

    Creamie’s assortment of purse stuff is just too cute!

  7. Alicia permalink
    June 22, 2011 5:20 am

    can’t find your email address & just found your flannel blankie tute- we’re expecting a grand daughter in October & I did buy some flannel – how do these wash up? Are they all wrinkly like I remember hubby’s old flannel shirts? Would I do better to use minkie on 1 side & flannel on the other HELP! Thanks for your blog!

  8. June 22, 2011 7:20 am

    I am impressed. My purse is constantly full of PAPER and it drives me CRAZY – receipts, bulletin from church, random flyer or form that I picked up somewhere or someone handed me, scraps of paper with phone numbers on them, appointment reminder and business cards, etc. That and coins – because people hand me papers and coins when I’m trying to keep the girls from throwing candy on the conveyor belt and Henry from launching himself off the shopping cart – so they get dumped in the bottom of my bag.

  9. June 23, 2011 3:03 pm

    I have never ever done a what’s in my bag post! I loved reading about creamie’s duck obsession and seeing what’s in her bags too. So Cute!!

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