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Texas Treasures

November 12, 2010

While I was in Houston last week I got to do some fun shopping. Even though there was a full 26.2 miles of booths full of little bits of amazingness, I hardly bought a thing at the Quilt Festival. I did get sucked in by one booth that had candy dishes full of beautiful amazing things.  Things you rarely find online and I think that was my compelling reason to buy something there.  I could have stayed there looking at the heaps of treasures for an hour.  But I didn’t.

After a little browsing I snatched up this teensy little toy camera and I was on my way.  I’m not sure if it is in working order anymore, but it was once upon a time.  The back opens up and if you by chance had film that was all of three quarters of an inch tall you could probably take a few pictures.  And it was just so cute I couldn’t help myself.  I had to have it.

camera and keys

The only other thing I bought at the Festival was two yards of twill tape from this little shop.  Well, I guess it was four yards, two in each color.  And do you want to know something freaky?  My online twin Krista (not to be confused with my real life twin Heidikins) was in Las Vegas last weekend.  And do you want to know what she brought home?  Two yards of the very same twill tape (her post and pics here).  Amazing.

skeleton keys

On Thursday morning last week my cousin Alisa and I had some time to kill before the Quilt Show started and we hit up an antique mall.  And we totally lost track of time and missed out on the nearby thrift stores. Bummer.  But we were busy searching through boxes of skeleton keys and vintage buttons.  It was awesome.  I think the letter E is an old printing press block, I think.  It’s about 7 inches high and still has ink smeared on it.  I’ve been looking for pretty skeleton keys for a long time and finally I hit the jackpot.  Already I’ve used most of them in a project that has been in the stacks for ages.

Texas buttons

[ Aren’t these buttons great?  I had so much fun sorting through the boxes & boxes of buttons! ]

On Saturday I stopped at another antique mall with my cousin Liz (we stayed at her house in Houston) and I saw so many things that I would have loved to sneak home in my suitcase. The most beautiful Pyrex, and a gorgeous Enid Collins purse, and a fantastic toy Noah’s ark, and old spools and sewing machines and kitchen gear and beautiful beautiful furniture…  But I had already made a few large purchases (red plaid rainboots and three purses) and the very little bit of empty space in my suitcase was filled up.  For the record, Texas has some really cool stuff.  In case you were wondering.

Tonight we are going to watch my college basketball team play their opening game.  Creamie loves watching sports with her daddy and I really think she is going to love it!  For at least one quarter.  Then I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend making stuff and doing nothing.  Sounds perfect.

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  1. November 12, 2010 1:57 am

    I’ll be Quilt Festival was wonderful & inspiring!

    By the way–my 3 year old and I baked the snickerdoodle cupcakes the other day and they were yummy! Especially that frosting!

  2. lacey permalink
    November 12, 2010 10:31 am

    Love the skeleton keys they are so cool! i can’t wait to see what you did/are doing with them! and that tiny camera is so cool. just sayin’.


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