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Wishing You Were Here…

September 28, 2010

I’m starting to feel much better.  I switched my allergy medicine this week and it seems to be working much better than the last one.  I had been taking it for almost ten years and sometimes you just need a change.  Speaking of change, it’s been in the 90’s here today.  Lame.  Dear Fall, I wish you were here for reals.

[ colored glass earrings for sale here ]

[ felt rose bobby pins, she has earrings too! ]

[ Pretty 1950s plaid dress ]

I’d love to find a dress like this one.  Over the weekend I was helping my mom organize some of her sewing stuff.  She has some absolutely incredible treasures. Hundreds of patterns, some she remembers buying when she was 12.  And she has a handful of patterns that were her mom’s.  She comes from a family of 12 (twelve) and her mom sewed all the dresses for all seven girls.  All of them.  My grandma had boxes and boxes of beautiful patterns in every size from the 1930’s through the 60’s.  And nearly all of them were thrown away.  Because someone thought that “no one would want these old clothes.”  It kills me.  Hundreds of patterns.  They could been sold for thousands (check etsy or ebay, vintage patterns are not cheap because a LOT of people want them!) But I never would have sold them.  I would have kept them and loved them and looked at them and sewed the same dresses my grandma made for my mom for my daughter.  And that is a beautiful thing.  From the one’s that survived I’ve already got a few ideas.  Next year I’m going to dive right into sewing clothing for myself and more little cute dresses for Creamie.  Of course.

Anyway, where was I… oh yes.  Fall.  Please come soon.  I am missing you more and more.

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  1. September 28, 2010 7:41 am

    Glad you are feeling better. Allergies suck. And 90 degree weather in Sept (almost October!) sucks. Boo.

  2. Annie permalink
    September 28, 2010 8:15 am

    How sad about those patterns 😦

  3. October 11, 2010 11:11 pm

    Cooler weather arrived this week in our town, now if I could just have a dress like that one. You always find the cutest things. Love the giraffe (in the other post) too!

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