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So much to do…

September 18, 2010

Scott’s birthday is tomorrow.  I’m up to my earrings in things to do to be ready.  (You could read into that this his gift is FAR from finished!)  Last night I sat down to work on getting everything put together and about 10pm my friend called me.  You see, she had the inside scoop on an estate sale.  And I dropped everything, called another friend to go with me and at 10:05 I was in the car reading cryptic directions with my flashlight to “the motherlode”.  We shopped in the dark with a flashlight.  And I got some very cool stuff.  My friend got some very cool stuff.  I’ll take pictures next week after the birthday madness has subsided.

[  Felt play sewing machine from Red Velvet Art.  Love! ]

Right now I need to park myself in front of this and work work work.  Well, not this one.  I’ll need one with a real needle if I have any hope of getting anything finished.  But this one is SUPER cute and I think Creamie is ready to learn how to sew.

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  1. September 18, 2010 9:31 am

    You make me laugh. Good luck with the birthday present! Is Scott going to be out of the house (while taking Creamie of course)?

    I’m excited to see your end result!

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