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Blythe Church

August 17, 2010

Tucked away somewhere in Halifax is Blythe Church.  And in that little tucked away place of hers she makes some amazing things.  I first came across Blythe’s work on flickr in a routine typewriter search. (Because typewriter searches are part of the routine here.)  And then I just couldn’t get enough of what she does.

[ Trio of felt camera’s ]

She starts with wool felt and then hand dyes it for each project.  And then with her trusty needle and thread she starts building things.  And I’m not talking she makes fried eggs from felt.  Though there is nothing wrong with fried eggs from felt.  But Blythe is recreating vintage bits of technology, toys, and household items in fabric.  And I love pretty much everything about it.

I LOVE this sewing machine!  This is in fact, her sewing machine which she recreated out of felt. I would love to have one of these sitting on a corner of my desk.  It’s just so so cute!

[ Felt robot in her etsy shop ]

[A little monster made from repurposed clothing and scarves. ]

Aren’t those fantastic!  Her little monsters are all just adorable (more here).  And I just can’t get enough of her work.  Her flickr photostream is full of these beauties, all handmade by her.  And not only monsters, she has made some amazing little felt toys.  A.MAZE.ING.

[ Wagonfull of colored felt blocks, each block is removable! ]

[ One of the toys Blythe made for Christmas last year to put under an all felt Christmas tree. ]

[ A felt raygun in her etsy shop ]

Of course that’s not all of them, there is an etch-a-sketch, a little xylophone, mini oven with a tray of cookies inside, a guitar, retro nintendo game with controllers, changeable felt screens and a zapper gun.

This Smith Corona is what first caught my eye.  How sweet is that!  It almost looks like LOVE.   Look at those little keys, all hand embroidered.  For a close up of those little guys click here.

I could fill up a whole blog with her beautiful photos, but thankfully she’s already done that over on her blog.  Her work has been featured in galleries in Halifax and Toronto.  She’s got an adorable website, a fantastically inspiring flickr photostream and she does custom orders as well.  Contact her (here is her etsy shop) and I’m sure that she can make whatever you’d care to dream up.  She made the Guggenheim Museum!  I’m absolutely sure that Blythe Church can make anything.

***All images by Blythe Church and are used with permission***

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  1. August 17, 2010 9:08 am

    Thanks for introducing me to an amazing Canadian crafter! Her work is mind-blowing!

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