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Alphabetically Challenged

July 2, 2010

I love having things in alphabetical order.  Only problem is I hate actually doing it.  Since I was little I have seriously struggled with alphabetical order.  Which seems ridiculous.  It’s been the same order for decades.  If I have to look something up in a dictionary, or a phone book I have to sing that silly song over and over in my mind.  For every single letter.  It is pathetic.

[ Museo Slab font family from ]

But, I do love typography.  When I was in highschool I would frequently make large posters to hang on the walls advertising school dances, games and to shout out my support for the wrestlers.  And then I’d sell similar posters (3 feet high and like 12 feet long) to teachers and people in the administration as well (you know, for birthday’s anniversaries or welcome home events).  And I used a LOT of different fonts, most of which I made up as I went along.  I figured that in my two years as chief poster maker at the high school I probably drew and colored (with pastel chalks) over 400 posters.  That is more than one per day.  It was good times.  I loved it.

Anyway, the other night I was flipping through something (I thought it was the new Pottery Barn but apparently it was something else.  Because I can’t find it again) and saw a photo of several framed prints grouped together.  Each one was the alphabet, printed in black on white, each in a different font.  And it was totally awesome.  And I got inspired and went to my desk and made this.

[ A combo of bright afternoon sunshine and just the right angle makes for a blank clock.  Oops. ]

This was my fast version.  I used my cricut to cut out the letters and then just free handed a heart for the O.  Glue on some pink lined paper and voila.  Art! Of course, it wasn’t THAT fast because I had to do it twice.  I told you, I have some serious struggles with alphabetical order.  And I shouldn’t do craft projects after midnight that require me to use that particular basic elementary school skill.   Sigh. I am convinced I must have cheated on an alphabetical order test (though I don’t remember doing it) and this is my punishment.  Anyway, my second draft turned out all right (though I still have this fear that something is out of place.  If it is… please tell me!) but I still have another version flitting around in my head.  A few days ago I came across this post at Caitidid Designs and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. This font, Lady Rene at is how I would write in my dreams.  If I were writing in my dreams.

[ I kind of love this quote.  It helps explain my magazine addiction ]

See, this font is amazing.  But I had that empty shadowbox frame that needed to be filled up (and since I am waiting on some supplies to arrive for my next sewing project) I made my really quick cricut version.  But I am going to start on a second. Soon.   And I want my letters to look like this font.  The perfect mix of hand drawn and artsy and quirky.  Laura Varsky and Alejandro Paul (Lady Rene’s designers) are my new design crush.  I absolutely LOVE these letters.  They are just perfect.

Anyway, I got my quick project done and I like it for now.  But a new project is a brewing.  Actually, more than one. (Who does that surprise, no one.)  I need to finish that chair from yesterday (too hot today to paint).  And I REALLY hope that I can start that new sewing project later today.  Here’s crossing my fingers.  But the best part of all is that Scott has today AND Monday off of work.  (Let’s just forget that he worked for 15 straight hours yesterday.)  And he promised me a solid four hour block of non-naptime crafting today (which mean’s I’ll get to add my naptime onto the end of that!).  Yay!  Today is going to be awesome.

*All “Lady Rene” images are from  I didn’t draw them, but I sure wish I did!

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  1. July 2, 2010 5:01 am

    I too love typography. It is a wonderful artform in itself. Your framed alphabet is totally perfect. {Except you do know the o is missing and there is a heart in its place. That’s my geek version of a joke.}
    Though the Lady Rene font is exquisite, I can’t see how you would wish for different handwriting. Yours is amazing. Truthfully I was studying it today in your Tell Your Story pages. Ok, is that too weird? Yes. Ok. Shutting up now. 😀

  2. July 2, 2010 8:58 am

    i still have to sing the alphabet for everything too… especially phone books 🙂
    AND i still count on my fingers… even with simple addition like 9+6
    and to think… I wanted to be an elementary school teacher…
    i totally love the cute black/pink alphabet you did

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