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Thirfty Monday

June 28, 2010

I still can’t believe that yesterday was real.  I hardly know what to do with myself.  What do you do when a dream comes true?  One of the best parts about dreaming is having the dream.  But then what, when you have the reality?  I did promise Scott not to look at typewriters on ebay anymore.  And let’s be honest…. nothing else is going to come close to this.  Le’sigh.  Moving on…

I didn’t make it to the thrift store at all last week.  Not going thrifting feels kind of weird, and I sort of feel like I’m having withdrawals.  What if there was something awesome and I missed it!  (But now I can just pinch myself and be reminded that I scored the most awesomeness ever.  Like ever. ) Creamie asks to go to Dye Dye (her version of one of my local spots) almost every day.  I think she likes the shopping carts.  Anyway, I’ve got a lot of treasures that still haven’t made their way into blogland.  Here are a few few bits of recent thrifty goodness to show you today.  I am particularly excited about this first one! (You know, in a moderated kind of excited compared to The Pink Pimpernell.)

This piece of 1930’s (I am guessing… it’s only 36 inches wide, so that’s got to count for something, right?) floral cotton.  It’s alsmot four yards and I got it for a buck.  One dollar!  There is only a teeny bit of yellowing on a few edges, but it’s not faded or stained and it doesn’t’ have any mothy holes or dusty cracked folds.  Not bad for something 80 years old, right!  I don’t know that I can pull off a dress with this.  But maybe for Creamie?  I don’t know…. I still might make a skirt out of it.  I can’t decide, but I do know it sure would make cute aprons, right!  (And yes, I am aware it kind of looks like your grandma’s tablecloth or kitchen curtains.  It probably was.)

This cutie little piece of embroidery is hanging up in my craft room right now.  It was only $.75 in the frame.  (It came with a matching sized mushroom, but it doesn’t’ quite fit on the little bit of wall I had left.)  I love the three little ladybugs, so cute!

I’ve had this set of 1937 Encyclopedia’s for a few months now.  I had looked at them for a while at the thrift store, but didn’t want to pay $1 per book, which would make the set $11.  But one day when I visited they were having a sale on all their books and I got each one for a quarter.  A quarter! At $2.75 for the set I couldn’t resist.  (I maybe bought like 20 books that day… maybe.)  These are great old books, they’ve got a lot of cool photos and engraved plate illustrations in them and I’m sure I’ll have a great time looking through them.  Right now they are just stacked up on my piano with all the other great books that don’t fit in the bookshelves, but were just too good to leave at the store.  I am such a sucker for old books.  I loves them.

I found this teeny little handpainted souvenir plate a few weeks ago.  It’s only about three and a half inches wide.  I’m not sure exactly what made me bring it home.  I’ve only driven through Kentucky once.  But I really really like cardinals, so into my basket it went.  It’s also hanging in a little bit of wall space in my craft room.  Price $1.50, cuteness factor?  Way more than that.

This makes a grand total of $6 spent for this round of loot.  Not bad, right?  I’ve got a lot of other things that need to be cleaned up and painted before I can take pictures of them.  One thing that I really do like about the summer is going to yard sales and thrift stores.  And then I can spend all fall and winter cleaning up and painting and photographing all my treasures! (I’ve got a LOT of painting to do…)

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  1. June 28, 2010 5:22 pm

    i love that plate! i’m also a huge fan of cardinals… they are gorgeous birds! i was so excited the first time i saw one after we moved here (to st. louis, mo)… it landed on the railing on our patio and i literally jumped off the couch and flew to the window. i LOVE seeing them!

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