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And the winner is…

June 27, 2010

I want to tell you how fun it was to read everyone’s favorite pink thing!  And I have one winner picked out, but first I want to point out some of my very favorite answers.  You all have so very many favorite pink things from ipods, flowers, favorite pink clothing, nail polish, antique/vintage collections and ice cream.  (Mmmm… ice cream).  And a lot of sweet comments about the adorable little girls in our lives who love pink.  So in order of appearance (that’s how they do it in the movies, right?) Here are a few of YOUR favorite pink things that are now some of MY favorites (some edited for length … )

[ image by giggleberry (best name ever, right!) ]

Kristy said … my highlighter at work. When I am in an office of 85 men and 5 women, my pink highlighting stands out a bit!
QUILTERMARY said …a little pink smocked dress that both my daughters wore home for the hospital (28 and 30 years ago). Being a military spouse (now retired) I couldn’t save tons of stuff, but that little dress is safely tucked away.
Krista-Poppyprint said …my daughter’s Easy Bake oven. In fact, we need to spark that baby up and make some thumbprint cookies this week, for sure…     (ha ha, this still cracks me up.)
Laura said … I am a high school chemistry teacher, and my favorite pink thing is my HOT PINK LAB COAT! My students get a real kick out of it. :) It certainly spices up the science deparment, that’s for sure… (seriously, I know.  Greatest teacher ever.  My HS chemistry teacher also taught taxidermy… so you can imagine what was usually on his lab coat.)
Leslie said honestly my favorite pink thing is my husbands pink cheeks…he is very fair so his face gets very rosy… (awwww, so sweet!)
My cousin Jess whose Salon is responsible for my pink hair said …my puppys always painted pink toe nails!… (her puppy gets better pedicures than I do!)
[ image by a little bit of just because ]
Dee said: (not edited, it was just too good) My favorite pink thing is a dress my mother wore. She lived in Long Beach, CA and used to go ballroom dancing down at the pier. It’s where she met my father. My grannie would sit and watch my mom dance all night, then everyone would come back to their house for coffee and pie and play cards til morning. My mom had two identical dresses; one in pale pink and one in buttery yellow. The skirts were circular and finely pleated. As a child she let me dress up in those gowns and dance on the service porch (in the laundry room) while she ironed. I loved that pink dress. She had other fancier dresses, but the pink one was so light and airy and it made me feel perfectly girlie and grown-up and pretty. My mom still wears pink blouses and she’s still just as beautiful now to me at 74 to me as she was at 19.

I think I’ll go have a good cry now!! Egads! Blasted hormones!!      (Dee’s words, not mine… but I agree!  I LOVE this story!)

[ image by rob jones ]

OK, time for a winner.  (Boring Admin stuff, feel free to skip: If you are looking close you’ll notice that there are 136 comments listed on the post.  But I only used 129 to generate the winning number.  My blog host counts all the times I linked to my giveaway in my own posts as comments and tacks them on the end.  So that means that comments 129-136 are all mine.  And it’s not really fair for me to win my own stuff, right?  Right.  But before I did anything rash, like pick a winner without making SURE those last 7 were mine… I counted them all up.) And our winning comment is number 13 (also my favorite number!) and it belongs to Kristin who said:  For sure, my favorite pink thing is a peony! But, my favorite girlie wears pink a lot and she is my FOR REAL favorite! I’ll email you, we have plans to make.

[ image by moddyboy80 ]

And one last favorite. “All time favorite comment ever” won this title simply because it came from my adorable 6 year old niece Miss K: My favorite pink thing is my new pink summer night gown that has a matching one for my doll Elizabeth. I love you Aunt E! ;)

Isn’t she the cutest!  That one little comment totally warmed my heart!  My niece reads my blog! (OK, so her mom reads my blog, but whatever, don’t spoil my moment.  Miss K left me a comment. Which makes me happy.)

[ image by KreinikGirl ]

Thank you all for your fun comments, and for participating in Pink Week.  I am totally doing this next year, and I guess now the pressure is on to have an even better prize!  Happy Sunday.

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  1. Paige permalink
    June 27, 2010 5:22 am

    Thanks for ‘Pink Week’!!! I’ve enjoyed all of your posts! Happy Sunday to you too!

  2. June 27, 2010 5:34 am

    LOVING all the pink!!! Thanks for occluding the oink and red party pics with my bunting banner in it 🙂
    Giggles, Amy

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