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Pink + Ruffles

June 23, 2010

What goes together better than pink and ruffles? In my book pink + ruffles + (X) = LOVE.

Pink + ruffles + cake = LOVE. [ This image is everywhere on the pink ruffle interwebs, but it belongs to Martha ]

Pink + ruffles + dresses = LOVE. (Times 3)

[ image found via weheartit ]

[ image found via weheartit ]

[ vintage ruffled dress for sale here ]

Pink + ruffles + ribbons = LOVE. [ image + purchase from little pink studio ]

Pink + ruffles + shoes = LOVE.[ image ]

I actually almost bought these shoes a few weeks ago.  I found them in my size for more than 50% off.  And they looked killer with my dark skinny jeans.  And if they hadn’t been SO uncomfortable they would be in my closet right now.  That’s not true, they would be on my feet right now.  I might just stick with the cake… it’s not uncomfortable at all.

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