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April 21, 2010

I have a new post full of super cute little pictures all ready to publish.  And for whatever reason the photo’s are being held hostage somewhere on the internets…..  I’ll be playing internet mechanic for a while.  And while I am internet mechanic-ing, Scott is in the craft store parking lot where our car died today being a real mechanic.  Only he’s probably going to end up covered with grease.  And I probably won’t.  This isn’t our car Steve,( you can read his sad demise here and here) this is a “new” car.  And I am pretty sure that it was having seizures.  Or convulsing.  Or something.  At any rate, it couldn’t get it’s act together enough to get me home.  I hope he can figure out the car’s problem without it costing another $1,000.  Because seriously, that is getting old.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon.  And with pictures this time!

UPDATE: My mechanic-ing work is finished! Pretty post here The car….. well, the jury’s still out.  We aren’t hoping for any miracles.

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