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Cutie Koala

April 10, 2010

Cutie Koala says…

[ image  from sewingstars on etsy ]

“Stop looking at cutie things on etsy and get back to work cleaning up your crafty room.   But it’s too bad you weren’t looking a few hours earlier, I maybe could have come to live at your house.  But if you are real nice and ask my creator mom, maybe she’ll make me a sister that can come live at your house.  But you’ll have to ask real nice.  And in the mean time, go do something about the scraps that are taking over your house.”

I mean, if Cutie Koala with fuzzy ears could talk/ text/email me…. I think that’s what he’d say.  And I’d say/text/email back “You’re right… I should get back to work.  But watching the paint dry is totally boring, and you are totally cute!  Do you know any tricks?”

And I think that’s when Cutie Koala starts rolling his eyes… But that would be a cool trick for a little plushie!  Ahem, I’ll get myself under control.  He’s right, I have work to do!

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