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And the Mending and the Washing and the Ironing…..

March 19, 2010

Mending week is over.  Finally.  But of course the washing never ends.  I did put an end to the ironing a good 9 years ago when I decided not to purchase any more clothing that requires ironing.  Brilliant.   Now whenever I pull out my ironing board, it is to “press” something.  And that my friends is totally different.  This week  I’ve sewed on buttons (an eternal chore) fixed large shouldered dresses to fit small shouldered little girls and mended a favorite sweater. But the real project was jeans.   It seems that everyone’s jeans have holes.  Everyone’s.  Mine,  Scott’s, the neighbor down the street and their two boys.  And so this week has been spent mending jeans.  A totally thankless (even though they all said thank you), but cost effective task.  And, sewing patches inside and outside the small legs of jeans for small boys is a workout.  You can cross exercise off the list after a few pairs of those.  (Not that exercise ever goes on my list.  It doesn’t.) This was my stack to start with.

[ image ]

OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.  But only a little.  Mending jeans is totally uninspiring, unless of course you are AmySmart, then you can make mending fun.  I can’t make mending fun, particularly when it is jeans for us adults.  That just  doesn’t seem conducive to funness and cute heart and flower patches.   Somehow I don’t think my neighbors husband would have been pleased with hearts on his knees and back pockets.  Though for the life of me I can’t figure out why.   For his jeans he requested some mend-distress-ing.  Aftermarket distressing? I don’t know exactly what to call it.  I guess he  did the real heavy duty  distressing before they came to me, and I did the patching up kind of distressing.  Kind of  like re-distressing his distress…. now  I am just confusing myself.

[ image ]

Anyway, what I did for his was kind of like this tutorial here.  I was surprised at how it turned out.  I mean, I would never pay good  money for pants that already had holes in them.  But I can get behind the aftermarket distressing and repair technique.  I’ll try this one again.  It’s practical and trendy.  And since when have those two things ever gone hand in hand?

In other sewing news/un-news.  My alphabet quilt is coming along nice and slow.  My original plan was to be done by April 15th…. but it’s not going to happen I don’t think it’s going to happen.  Ah well, no big deal.  It has been a fun evening project.  And having it in my lap and stitching away makes TV bearable to watch.  Kind of.

I also have some really great news about my Alisa Sue quilt.  I found out that it  sold at the charity auction in Omaha last Saturday for $95.00.  I was SOOOO excited and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I am so thankful that it was able to raise a little  money for Mariah’s family to help with her mind boggling  medical bills.  I am linking up to Amylouwho’s Sew&Tell.  Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments, I try to reply to every single one.  Don’t be shy, I’d love to “meet” you!

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  1. March 19, 2010 10:10 am

    Wow! You are busy…and boy, do I wish for that pile of denim….to make quilts and things…not necessarily for mending!

  2. March 19, 2010 11:19 am

    You scared me for a minute with the mending project! 🙂

    I’m glad your quilt made so much!

    Good luck on finishing the alphabet quilt. It already looks fabulous!

  3. March 19, 2010 12:11 pm

    Fantastic on the fund raising, cool on the alphabet progress and BLAH on the jeans!

    I can’t stand mending them and will do everything in my power to avoid it so I have the utmost respect for you for getting it done. 🙂

  4. Karen permalink
    March 19, 2010 4:04 pm

    Great mending job. I so detest mending. Can’t wait to see your alphabet quilt. It is looking fine indeed. Congratulations on your success with your donated quilt.

  5. March 19, 2010 4:31 pm

    Love the alphabet quilt, but hate the mending! Aren’t jeans with holes the “in” thing … costing lots of $$? Ha!!

  6. March 19, 2010 4:50 pm

    Congratulations on the charity quilt.
    I’ve just discovered how to sew onbuttons with my sewing machine. Lower the feed dogs and set the stitch to zig zag. You can even hold the button still with a piece of clear tape.

  7. March 19, 2010 5:30 pm

    I mend our jeans by making shorts!! ;0) Still loving the quilts, and a big “YAY Team” on the charity quilt. I am there with you on watching T.V., not that much fun!!!


  8. March 19, 2010 7:03 pm

    the mending is a great idea…they look cool too!!! i love the quilt you auctioned. congrats on it going for such a great price

  9. March 19, 2010 7:12 pm

    It’s really cool to know about your charity quilt! The alphabet quilt is looking good! Before you know it, it will all be done. Then what will you do during t.v.? I know! More jean mending :o) LOL

    Mending is one of my least favorite sewing tasks, Yuck! I’m just glad holy jeans are in.

  10. March 19, 2010 8:23 pm

    Love your part about mending! 😉

  11. March 19, 2010 8:25 pm

    Wonderful news about your charity quilt! I can’t wait to see your Alphabet quilt finished 🙂

  12. March 19, 2010 10:55 pm

    Both quilts are gorgeous. I LOVE the alphabet quilt!! So colorful!

  13. March 19, 2010 11:17 pm

    I also used to be the mender in the family.-)
    Love your cheerful quilts and congratulations on raising $95!

  14. March 20, 2010 6:52 pm

    Wow, I seriously love your Alisa Sue quilt. It’s GORGEOUS!!! I also enjoyed the “aftermarket distressing” . . . nice job! 🙂

  15. Josie permalink
    March 20, 2010 8:23 pm

    Why have I not been checking your blog more often? ? Adorable things. Would you like to live with me? Jeff got me an awesome quilting sewing machine two years ago for Christmas. I made three things and haven’t done another. I LOVE your quilts. Adorable, all of them.

    Miss you.

  16. March 20, 2010 8:58 pm

    Thanks for the other mending tutorial! (And for the linky-love.) I think I’ll try that one on my boy’s jeans. Maybe even my husband’s. 🙂

    Congrats on your auction quilt and WAY TO GO!

  17. March 21, 2010 3:41 pm

    Cool way to mend the jeans! Look great. Your alphabet quilt is coming along nicely. Congrats on the charity quilt.

  18. bizzilizzi permalink
    March 22, 2010 7:01 pm

    Love that last quilt! How tiny are the squares?

  19. March 26, 2010 6:57 am

    I know, I’m like a week late commenting or something. I love the picture of all those jeans! And good job on the mending. I hate mending socks – but my husband has to wear these thick boot socks that are worth sewing up.

    I love the alphabet quilt SO SO SO cute. And yea for raising so much money! you go girl!

  20. March 29, 2010 5:00 pm

    that alphabet quilt is completely awesome. love to see it when it is done.

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