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A Love Note

February 24, 2010

All over the interwebs you hear people complaining about winter.  They are all rushing spring to arrive.  I am quite the opposite (which you probably already know).  I love this photo, I came across it a few days ago over at Allsorts.  This is Jenny’s house a few weeks ago.  It just looks so cozy, so inviting.  I want to go there.  Actually, I change my mind.  I want that snow to come here.

[ photo heisted from Jenny at Allsorts ]

  • I love winter.
  • I love the cold. (Really, I do.)
  • I love the world covered by a clean white layer, like a blank canvas ready to make into whatever you want.
  • I love that this winters snow is going to stave off drought next summer.  When you live in a domesticated dessert, like Utah, snow is the lifeblood of the summer.  I love that very few people remember that.
  • I love watching the snow fall, and how it tends to make me slow down and appreciate all the small things.  Like that spindly tree suddenly made beautiful with a crusting of ice and snow
  • I love watching the idiots in my neighborhood that think they can outsmart the ice with their shiny cars and end up spinning in circles because they are going too fast.
  • I love how unpredictable Mother Nature is.
  • I love how a good snowstorm is a gentle reminder (gentle compared to hurricane’s and earthquakes and tsunami’s) of the power of nature.  In one good storm she can wipe out all of man’s great inventions (like electricity and internet and snowplows.)
  • I love a good snowy day to stay inside and make stuff and really just get down on the floor and play Lego’s and animals with Creamie.
  • I love cooking on cold snowy days.
  • I love the winter light.  It is so much more mellow than summers harsh sun.
  • I love wearing sweaters and wool socks and jackets inside.
  • I love my mountains covered with a thick new layer of snow.
  • I love how the shorter days make me be more productive.
  • I love how a good winter day makes me want to make stuff like soup, and baby quilts, and a new wool coat (next winter’s goal.)

I do not love, however, when it snows all day and it is too warm for anything to stick.  I do not love the dead grass days of winter.  I do not love the weeks long season of “dead yellowish brown grass and garbage from the whole winter.”  That is truly depressing.  Dear Winter, come back.  You stay was too short and I miss you dearly.

But, since I can’t change the weather I am going to make soup for dinner and stay up sewing until midnight.  Again.  Yesterday I reorganized all my fabric.  I sorted out my scraps again and made a list of projects to finish while I still have a naptime.  Creamie is 13 months old today and she is really truly trying hard to give up naps.  And lunch, inexplicably.  I am too young to give up naptime.  I need them to make it through the afternoons somedays.  Particularly these dead yellowish brown and garbage days.  Sigh.

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  1. February 25, 2010 2:23 am

    I’ve enjoyed our snow this year! Mostly because we don’t get it all the time. And I hear you on naps. My oldest gave them up when she was just over 2. We instituted quiet time since then. She gets some alone time with some favorite toys or dress ups and I get some quiet down time too. It’s invaluable!

  2. February 25, 2010 8:25 am

    LOVE that picture and I miss snow. We’ve had snow twice this year–a true phenomenon, but of course it doesn’t come down for long and never sticks. Sometimes we turn the AC on high and have hot chocolate.

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