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A Little Bit of Wishing

January 28, 2010

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, which means that My Love and my Dad are both asking me for ideas.  I love making lists, but I hate making that kind of list.  It just always seems like there is so much more pressure involved.  But, my last wishlist post proved to have just enough helpful hints.  Christmas morning I found some of these and some of this fabric to put in my closet for a rainy day. Actually, I’ll wait for a good snowy day, they are much prettier days than the rainy ones, and they always make me want to make stuff.  So, here is a little bit of wishing…

Poppy Doll

The pattern for these beautifully simple dolls from hop.skip.jump.

Reagan Boots

These great boots.  I know “they” say you should buy boots in September.  Whatever.

Emmaline Apron

I have always loved this apron, it is just so feminine and girly.

Scallop ShearsI saw a few projects before Christmas that used scissors like these.  So pretty.

Orange Journal

This  journal from RedVelvetArt. It’s not pink, I know.  Orange is OK.  For some things.

Matroyshka Measuring Cups

And finally these measuring cups. I die of cuteness every time I look at them.  I lived in Russia for a year, and I think I really might shrivel up if I don’t get these one day.  Of course, the whole internet is sold out of them until wh0 knows when.  Of course.  But aren’t they just the cutest things ever!  Yes, yes they are.  I saw these ones from Anthropologie first, but they sold out a while ago. If these don’t come back into stock soon, I might have to take some VERY serious action against… I don’t know, the internet-bots who are in charge.  Or something.  Have a happy Thursday!

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