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Super Tuesday!

October 20, 2009

A few bits of awesomness that happened today:

1-Creamie took an almost 3 hour nap.  Since we have to be down to one nap a day, at least it was a long one.

2-First ever visit to Hobby Lobby.  So much love there.  Next time I go I will not be on a time crunch.  It made me want to buy some of everything.  But, I refrained and only purchased one roll of ribbon and two 79 cent embroidery hoops.

3-Found a new to me little fabric store that has loads of wool felt in like 80 colors.  I was almost set to order felt for my next [secret] project from some tiny little town in the middle of a Nebraska corn field that just so happens to have an incredibly huge selection of wool felt.  Dear local craft stores- No one wants your hunter green and cobalt blue nasty acrylic felt for anything.  You could stop carrying 1000 sheets of those colors and branch out into the gillion other colors of the rainbow. I’ll be back in a few weeks to check your progress.  If you haven’t made any changes, please post a sign outside to notify the public of your incredibly lame selection.  It could read something like “Nebraska corn fields are showing us up.  Order your felt from them.” Thanks.

4- Heather Bailey is having a sale at her online shop! Twenty percent off of everything! [ends Oct 21 at midnight] I bought two patterns, and I can’t wait for them to come so I can look at them and buy fabric for them and then put them in the “projects to start on” stack.  That stack just keeps getting bigger….. sigh.  But, it is still a happy stack.

5-Not only did I get a 3 hour nap [which didn’t require me to sleep for three hours, but was just the R&R that I needed], but Creamie is also going to bed an hour earlier than last week!  And, if the sirens on the firetrucks had a “shhhh baby is sleeping” mode, then she wouldn’t have woken up just now.  Sigh, it’s a terrible thing to be woken up by siren’s screaming past your windows.  Must go give her some love.  But… until 2 minutes ago it was a Super Tuesday!

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  1. October 21, 2009 2:12 pm

    Love naps. Love when babies nap. Love Hobby Lobby–have 3 within 15 minutes. Love projects-to-start piles. Seriously.

  2. October 23, 2009 9:42 am

    You’re a nerd…a delightful nerd, but a nerd.



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