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June 29, 2009

You know in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding when that guy is in love with his Windex?  You know, because it cures everything from wedding day zits to swollen limbs to broken hearts?  Well, I have found my Windex.  White Vinegar is my new go to for all my ailments.

The dress I made for CreamPuff for my sister’s wedding is adorable, light blue with black polka dots, little puff sleeves, with a black ribbon at the waist.  On Saturday she kept pulling at the ribbon in the front, so I decided to attach it with some fusible iron on tape.  No biggie.  Ha.  No, it was a biggie actually.

I did everything right! I set the iron to the correct heat, laid the ribbon out carefully and started to iron it on.  At first, no problem, the ribbon was sticking, it was on straight and it was going to solve all of my problems.  That’s when I noticed the scorch marks.  So, apparently baby drool scorches way easier than plain water.  Creamie is getting teeth, and on Saturday she had drooled all over her dress, but because it didn’t stink, and I couldn’t see it after it dried, I didn’t think anything of it.  Until I saw the spreading brown scorch marks all over the bodice of her dress.  I started to cry.  The actual wedding is on Tuesday, and now I would have to make the whole dress again.  Start over.  A total waste.  I kept crying.  The fabric was burned, that isn’t something that just washes out.  Right?  Wrong!

I stopped crying long enough to sit down at the computer and pull up my friend, the interwebs.  I pleaded for an answer.  How do you remove scorch marks from the iron? (Please, oh please, oh please have an answer) My friend didn’t disappoint me.   First link said “soak a white cloth in white vinegar, place over scorch marks and iron”  What?  Iron it AGAIN?  Okey dokey… couldn’t make it worse than it is right now.  So, I obediently followed directions, still a few wayward tears on my cheeks and… VOILA!!!  Abra-ca-ZAM!  Scorch marks disappeared.  Did I mention that vinegar removes the burn marks from fabric?  Burn Marks.  When something burns, the chemical makeup is changed… vinegar unchanges it. Vinegar is my new awesome sauce.  My ‘Go-To’ when I am in need.  As my four year old neice would say, “It is my everything.”

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  1. June 30, 2009 12:57 am

    I also subscribe to the Vinegar is Awesome school of, um, life lessons.

    My bruise is considerably smaller, doesn’t hurt *nearly* as badly and is less black, more greenish-yellow.

    Awesome Sauce!


    • pinksuedeshoe permalink*
      June 30, 2009 3:22 pm

      Yay for Vinegar! Must be the nectar of the [smelly] gods.

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